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Kiria-ini Mission Hospital is a premier private hospital in Mathioya Sub-county offering dialysis services. It is run from Monday to Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and in case of emergencies. The unit is staffed with experienced nurses being supported by nephrologist, nutritionist and counsellors. Patients are served with a snack and meals during their treatment. They are also given appointmants whereby in each, their vitals are checked, which includes recording their blood pressure and weight, testing of urine for any infection and anlyzing blood to ascertain the rate of kidney failure.
We give credence to our proficient staff and above all to God who heals.

To provide renal treatment through hemodialysis to patients at risk of renal diseases and those already diagnosed with renal failure disease.

To be the leading unit in service provision in terms of kidney disease treatment/management and meeting clients /patients’ expectations.


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