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Radiology Department

Kiria-ini Mission Hospital Radiology department offers daily services for both Out-patient and in-patient. It also facilitates consistency inthe quality and integrity of end results
in this department we offer the following services :

  1. UltraSound.
  2. Electrocadiogram.
  3. X-rays

X-Ray and Ultrasound inestigation list

  • All general X-rays are offered.
  • Obstetric UltraSound.
  • Pevic UltraSound.
  • Abdominal UltraSound.
  • Prostate UltraSound.
  • Thyroid UltraSound.
  • Scrotal UltraSound.
  • Breast UltraSound.

Our Pride

Providing excellent clinical imaging that improves diagnosis and treatment of patients

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